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Nov 2, 2012 10:00am EDT
healthcare in rural arizona can be difficult. many problems include a lack of health care providers, state and federal funding cuts, access, and the loss of facilities when patients cannot pay, there is further financial loss to the institution. our local hospital lost $40 million this year alone from unpaid treatments that contributed to the layoffs of 135 employees. do you have a plan to help improve the health services available to patients in rural arizona? we have unique and logistical financial challenges. >> i grew up in snowflake. i know the issues. i know the difficulty my parents had at times to find doctors medicare. that is going to become exacerbated as we go forward with the president's health care plan as well. let me take another issue you mentioned. you really feel the uncompensated care here on the border. i have toward the hospital here and i knowi know the issues that are faced with federal rules where you are required to treat anybody that comes, that means unless the federal government reimburses, the hospital has to do it and the taxpayers here. that is not fa
Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm EDT
voted for a bill that would penllies small businesses that provided women healthcare plans that -- >> your response to those two, is that right? >> actually it's wrong. it's disingenuous to paint it that way. i did vote to fund the government. so if you remember early on in this term we had to fund the government to keep the doors open. so i wanted to make sure seniors got their checks and men and women putting their life on the line for us were able to feed their familiarries. to make sure gove ran. i was the only republican to speak out to say we need to make sure planned parenthood keeps it's funding. to suggest otherwise. [inaudible] >> if you take a look at "the daily herald" they said these attemptes to blatantly misrepresent my record are troubling at the least. >> i'm not misrepresenting your record. you voted for the bill that would defund plant parenthood. it didn't become law and the government didn't shut down. >> let me jump ahead to a topic later. your opponent says on the 20 most important post you didn't break with your leaders once and that led the tea party con
Oct 30, 2012 10:00am EDT
able to buy insurance across state lines. those things will help to control the cost of healthcare. the cost of health care is the real problem. >> i am very proud of the work we did to reform health care in this country. a father came up to me in the middle of that debate and encapsulated what it meant for his family. he said, my daughter has epilepsy. when she pops out in her coverage and is no longer eligible because she's too old, there is not a single insurance plan that will take care. that is what health insurance reform means to me, he said. we did some very good things in that bill. we made sure insurance companies can no longer discriminate against people for pre-existing conditions. we made sure that we cannot cancel your coverage after you have been paying for years and years. we made sure that kids could stay on their parents' plans up to 26. we did not cut one benefit from the medicare program. what we did is we took the subsidies that were going to insurance companies, we put them back into the medicare program. we made it better. we closed the doughnut hole. >> you highl
Oct 28, 2012 4:05pm EDT
would have penalized small businesses that provide women healthcare plan that offered them under those plans. >> real quick, your response to those two? >> actual it's wrong. what i did vote to do was fund the government. if you remember earlier on in this term, we had to actually fund the government to keep the doors open. what i did want to do is make sure seniors got their social security checks, to make sure men and women in uniforms were able to feed their families, to make sure the government being run. the bill he's talking about, i actually stood up on the house floor was only republican to speak out that make sure planned parenthood to keep its funding. if you take a look at the daily herald, it came out and said, these attempts to try to misrepresent my record -- >> i am not misrepresenting your record. other people in your party voted against it, it didn't become law and the government didn't shut down. >> let me jump ahead to a topic. congressman dold, your opponent said on the 20 most important votes, you did not break with your leaders. that led tea party pull congr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4